Refund Policy

2021-12-14 16:30:08


If the donation amount cannot be delivered to the recipient of the donation due to death or any reasons beyond the control of Ensany:

I. The donation amount will not be refunded to the donor or supporter

II. The amount will be given to other similar cases and the donor or supporter will be informed through Ensany platform or social media platform or any other methods. 

III. If the beneficiary dies and their intention is unknown.

IV. If the campaign owner died.

V. If the campaign owner closed their campaign or refused to receive donations or did not give details of their bank account number and did not come to Ensany headquarters to take the funds owed to them, and went on for 12 months.

VI. If Ensany has a discount on the campaign or the receivable.

VII. If it is proven that the owner of the campaign has legal problems and Ensany is excused to transfer any amount to them.

VIII. In all previous cases, it is Ensany to transfer the donations due to these campaigns to other similar campaigns without referring to the donor, in the case that they spend a year and a month from the date of donation without asking the donor to return. 



Contacting us

If you would like to contact us to understand more about this Policy or wish to contact us you may send an email to

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