The Basics

Almost all Campaign Organizers have experienced a lull on their Ensany journey. Often, it’s the last bit of the goal that’s the most challenging to reach. Even if your Ensany hasn’t received a donation in a few days, weeks, or even months, it’s important to keep your spirits high. There are always fresh new ways to share.

1. The Power of Personal Messages

Personal messages are the most effective way to share your Ensany, and receive donations. When people in your life see how much their donation would personally mean to you, they may feel more inclined to support your cause with a donation. Tip: You never know who wants to help, until you ask. Send as many personal messages as possible.

2. Think outside your circle

If you feel like you’ve shared your Ensany with everyone on your friend list, make a list of 20 additional people to share with. These can be friends of friends, store clerks, co-workers, people you regularly see on your morning commute, and even people from your earlier school days. Consider the following groups: • Classmates • College friends • Teachers • Current/ old co-workers • Neighbors • Members of any groups/ organizations you’ve been a part of • Coffee shop regulars • Your favorite local restaurant staff Additionally, strike up a conversation with anyone that you can about your Ensany. The passion you show for your cause might inspire others to want to contribute as well.

3. Focus on Small Donations

While large donations make a big impact on a campaign’s success, make sure to include and encourage those donors who might only be able to donate RM5 or RM10. If your average donation is RM200, post an update announcing the number of donations that you want to reach, and how much every donation amounts means to you. For example, if your Ensany is at 38 donations, post an update asking people to help you reach your goal of 50 donations. Then once you’re at 50 donations, you can push it to 75. The goal is to help all donors feel comfortable when making a donation of any size to your Ensany. By following the three tips listed above, sticking to our sharing guidelines, and regularly posting updates, your Ensany will be out of its lull in no time.

Running a Ensany takes time, effort, and creativity. While you’ve probably done a great job of sharing your link with your social network, here’s a list of 25 out-of-the-box ways to share your Ensany. Remember: the success of your Ensany will depend on how effectively you share it!

1. Create a Ensany hashtag

This is a way to build social media awareness around your cause.

2. Create a Facebook Event for your Ensany

Invite all of your Facebook friends. This can be a central gathering place for your supporters to see photos of your updates, share ideas, and keep in touch with one another. Creating community is what Ensany is all about! Be sure to paste your link in the event description.

3. Make a video for your Ensany

While photos are extremely meaningful, a simple video from the Campaign Organizer talking about the impact of the Ensany takes a fundraiser from good to great.

4. Ask specific people to hang your campaign sign

In their place of work, school, favorite hang out, etc.! This way, you increase the amount of places your campaign sign is seen. Plus, the individuals who hang your sign will know they are making a meaningful contribution to your cause. People want to help!

5. Ask a friend to be your ambassador

Have you considered asking a friend to be your Ensany ambassador? This means asking them to share your Ensany with their networks, and actively look for ways to promote your Ensany.

6. Post to Facebook and tag ten friends

Tagging friends on Facebook increases the reach of your Ensany, because it may show up on your tagged friends’ Timeline. We recommend writing a friendly challenge in the post.

7. Share your campaign on Linkedin

Make sure to post a professional and creative update when posting on LinkedIn.

8. Write your link in an unexpected place

On your car? Chalk it on the sidewalk? Write it on a poster and hold it up at the World Series? The more creative, the better—this is a great way to create buzz around your Ensany!

9. Reach out to your local media

While sharing with your social network is the most important thing you can do, consider reaching out to your local news organizations and blogs to let them know why your Ensany would interest the community and their readers!

10. Start an email chain

Remember email chains from back in the day? When the sender requested that you forward the email to 5 people? Bring it back! Email 10 contacts with your link and an explanation of why you’re raising money, and ask them to forward the email to 5 more people.

11. Post on Instagram

Our best advice for posting your Ensany on Instagram is to post a screenshot of your main image when viewing it on a mobile device, and sharing it to your feed with your title, hashtag, and link.

12. Team up with a local business

See if they’ll offer a fundraising night for your cause in which they donate a percentage of the proceeds to your Ensany. Or, see if a coffee or sandwich shop will temporarily name an item after your Ensany! Make it win-win, by spreading the words about how awesome the business was, and thanking the business in your Story.

13. Share your link in Facebook groups you’re a part of

Remember to focus your post on why your Ensany means so much to you, and let any readers know of the immense power that even just sharing the link on social media can have.

14. Step outside of your direct network

Post your link on your city's Facebook page! This is a great way to reach out to local folks you may not know, who might be willing to help your cause by sharing your link, donating, or supporting you in other ways.

15. Print out campaign signs

Hang them in your community center, a local cafe, church, temple, etc. This is a tried and true way of getting your Ensany in front of the eyes of more people.

16. Add some competition

Consider hosting a virtual “sharing contest.” Whoever shares your link the most times, or gets the most likes, wins something fun like a poetic or musical “Thank You” video posted to Facebook!

17. Share on Snapchat

It’s as easy as it sounds. We recommend opening your Ensany on your mobile device, taking a screenshot, and then uploading the screenshot as an image to your Snapchat story. Make sure to decorate it with related emojis or words!

18. Create business cards or stickers

These are low-cost, fun items to pass out to friends and family. Consider including inspiring quotes or a beautiful photo that relates to your cause, in addition to your link, hashtag, and title!

19. Host a potluck or gathering

An event hosted to share more information about your cause is a great way to create community around your Ensany. Plus, potlucks are very low cost!

20. Set up a bake sale

This will do two big things - first, you’ll raise money for your cause! Next, you’ll spread awareness about your Ensany to those in your community. Get creative by writing your link on each bag of cookies, cupcake wrappers, etc.

21. Tweet at an influencer

Consider tweeting at someone on Twitter who has a large following (over 1,000 followers). Ask them to share your link, and let them know why their followers will benefit from hearing about your Ensany.

22. Get creative with your updates

First, what about doing shout outs, to thanking your donors one by one? This will certainly make them feel valued. Or, use your gifts! Are you a singer, a poet, or a great photographer? Get your supporters excited to stay tuned by posting “10 days of Songs” videos, or “30 days of Beautiful Photo Updates.” You’ll need to share these updates to Facebook, so they’re seen!

23. Connect with a local event

See if the event coordinators are interested in promoting your Ensany along with their event. See if they’ll let you set up a free booth!

We never know which stories are going to capture the hearts of thousands. Your Ensany could be next - you’ll never know unless you try. Before you consider contacting a news reporter, make sure your campaign is as compelling as possible. We recommend asking a close friend or relative to take a look for you, as a second pair of eyes.

Local Media Outlets Are Looking for a Great Story

Rather than simply sharing your Ensany link and why you need support, focus on why your story will engage the news outlet’s audience. Journalists don’t want to provide you with free advertising. Instead, they want to provide valuable stories to their readers. Find your angle—how does your Ensany do this for them?

What to Send Them:

• A short, clear blurb that will engage them to read more. To get the attention of journalists, start with a short blurb explaining your story, the connection it has to the community, and why it’s so interesting. Once they’re engaged, they’ll read your story with the details. • Great photos or video. Make sure to include 1-3 high-resolution photos. Photos of people are usually better than photos of places. If a news outlet does decide to feature your campaign, they will eventually need this, so providing photos from the get-go makes your story even more compelling.

Contact the Right News Outlets

Make sure you’re contacting news outlets that will be interested in stories like yours. It’s important to look for media sources that relate to the category of your Ensany. Tip: Look for individuals, rather than bombarding dozens of journalists. Targeting the right people who have written similar stories in the past will get you better results.

How to Contact Them

• Find their email. Once your story is concise, you’ve identified a great journalist, and you have beautiful photos ready to go, search the internet for the contact information of your journalist. • Use social media. Social media platforms—like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook—are excellent places to reach out to reporters and journalists. With a simple use of “@,” you can get the attention of someone interested in featuring your story. • Look for the contact form. Not finding your journalist’s contact information online? Most media organizations have an easy-to-use contact form right on their site. • Use your network. While you’ve probably already done a great job sharing your campaign link and story via social media and email, have you asked around to see if anyone in your network has local media contacts? You may be surprised at how well connected your supporters are.

How to Stand Out

Remember, it’s all about how you frame it. Don’t ask the media outlet for help. Instead, focus on why your story will resonate or warm the hearts of their audiences. Your local media spends their days searching for stories like yours. Get creative and make your story one worth covering!

After you’ve reached out to your friends and family, it’s important to reach out to your community. When reaching out to people you might not know personally, focus on letting them know how supporting your Ensany will positively impact their life. People like to support causes when they receive an emotional reward from doing so. Figuring out how to offer that positive experience is key to receiving support from the community.

Find The “Feel Good Factor”

Successful “feel good” businesses all offer one thing: positive social change. To apply this idea to your Ensany, start thinking about ways that reaching your end goal will benefit your donors. For example: Are you looking to make ends meet for the month? Offer to pay it forward by spending the next Saturday volunteering at an organization selected by your donors.

Capitalize on Community Events

Whether you live in an apartment, house, dorm, farm, or RV, chances are you live in some type of community. Most of these communities offer events, which you should attend to share your Ensany! Reach out to the event organizer to see if you can volunteer your time to help, and in exchange, the event can promote your Ensany. Promotion can be anything from having your Ensany flyers on the welcome table, hanging a banner in the room, adding your Ensany link to the promotional materials, or even speaking publicly about your Ensany. This can be especially beneficial if the event corresponds with your overall goal.

While Facebook has paved the way for creating social networks, there are many other effective social media sites you can use to promote your Ensany. Tip: The key to promoting your Ensany is through frequent and engaging social media posts Check out the top tips for promoting your Ensany on social media:

Instagram Best way to share your Ensany link:

You can create an Instagram account or hashtag especially for your campaign. That way, your supporters can support your cause by spreading your hashtag. If you create one, it will make it super simple for people to find your Ensany across all social media channels with just a short phrase, and follow your story as you post related photos or videos to Instagram. This can be a creative way to engage supporters who are more inclined to use Instagram to network and discover Did you know... videos receive more interaction? Besides photos, videos are an amazing way to draw attention to your Ensany.

Best time of day to share your Ensany:

In our personal experience, it’s best to post content during off-work hours from 6-9 pm during weekdays. You want to post at the times your social networks are most active.

Twitter When sharing to Twitter, make sure you include the following:

• Your Ensany link • A catchy image or phrase to draw interest to your Tweet • Relevant Hashtags (the more the better!) • Tag your friends and family

Best way to share your Ensany link:

Tip: Similar to Instagram, you can create a hashtag especially for your campaign. Just make sure it’s easy to remember and isn’t already in use.

Best time of day to share your Ensany:

The optimal times to tweet are 3–6 p.m., with a peak best time at 5 p.m. During the work week is the best, though some niches might have more active audiences on the weekend.

Snapchat Best way to share your Ensany link:

Snapchat is another amazing way to share your GoFundMe through fun and creative posts. When sending your Ensany link, make sure to add a relevant photo or video to your Snapchat. Feel free to get creative with your filters and settings!

Best time of day to share your Ensany:

It’s important to send direct messages during times your friends and family will be able to donate. People are most likely to donate during off work hours, so shoot for sending snaps between 5pm and 10pm. To be sure that they see your message, you can 'save' the snap in your conversation by holding down on the message until you see ‘saved’ pop up on the right-hand side.

Linkedin Best way to share your Ensany link:

Linkedin has made it easier than ever to connect with your professional network and influencers within your community. You can post your Ensany link as a LinkedIn status to share with your network. Tip: Linkedin also has an amazing direct message feature that allows you to send personalized messages to influencers within your network. We’ve found personalized messages to be incredibly effective when getting the ball rolling with your campaign. When sending the link, you can include a bit about why your campaign is so important to you and even ask them to share on your behalf with their networks (if they feel comfortable doing so).

Best time of day to share your Ensany:

Similar to Facebook, we’ve found posting Monday through Friday during evening hours is the best time to post. However, you still will want to post during the time your network is most active on Linkedin. We hope you found this guide helpful! The more you share your Ensany, the more support you can receive! Remember that Ensany is here to help. If you ever need any more help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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