How It Works

How it Works

Ensany is a perfect fundraising solution for individuals, groups & organizations!

Step One

Create Your Fundraising Campaign

  • Open your account at
  • Give your campaign a title
  • Write a description of what why you are raising funds
  • Set your target fundraising amount
  • Add pictures
  • Upload!


Step Two

Share with Family and Friends

Share the link to your campaign with all your friends and family. The more people that see your campaign, the better chance you have to reach your target. Also seek help from organizations and societies that you are a part of to help you spread the word.


Step Three

Easily Accept Donations

Once your campaign has reached 100% you can receive the donations by requesting from to make the transfer to you. If you have an emergency you may request the funds before reaching 100%.

Step Four

Share the Good News!

Post updates and send thank you notes for the donors in the update section of your campaign.

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