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Salam Generous Donors,
Let us put our hands together to help this patient Mrs. M.S.R. She is a mother of two children and retired a few years back from her work.

She was diagnosed to have cryptogenic cirrhosis with hepatocellular carcinoma (Liver Cancer) in 2017 and had a liver transplant in Feb 2018. But now the transplanted liver developed hepatocellular carcinoma( Liver Cancer) again and TACE (Transarterial Chemoembolization), was prescribed as a treatment, she needs urgently to undergo 3-4 doses of TACE or more depending on the liver situation on monthly basis.

The TACE costs 6000 USD each time, we understand the amount is huge but your contributions will surely make a difference even if a small amount. The first (TACE dose) is to go before Feb ends 2019 as recommended by her doctor, and then will be followed by subsequent months.

Our target this time is to secure the amount needed for the first two doses Feb and March 2019 which is 12000 USD and then we will reactivate this petition for the following doses subsequently.

The patient doesn’t feel comfortable to share her details, but the attached documents from UMMC & Columbia Asia hospitals are to proof her condition.

The transplanted liver cost them a lot, which made her children and husband unable to bear the costs which they went into depts until now to pay back.

Our Target:
Our First Goal for the first (TACE dose) by 1 March 2019 with first 6000 USD
Our Second Goal for the second (TACE dose) by 15 March 2019 with the second 6000 USD

12000USD =RM 49200

For More information :
Contact sister Enam: 0060123084898 or sis Fatma AlZahraa : 0060192266324

Very much appreciate your contributions.

49200 RM
240 RM
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