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The Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Surely one of the things a believer among his actions and good deeds after his death is, his knowledge that he taught and spread, a good child, and a copy of the Quran passed on to others.”

– Narrated by Ibn Majah

There’s good news for those looking for good deeds te size of mountains!

There is good news for those who would like to means to guide millions of people!

You now have the chance to donate to the printing of 100,000 copies of the translated Quran in Europe.

Take part in the spreading of The Book of Allah in those countries and donate …

Imagine that you donated and printed the Quran and because of it thousands of people were guided. They will come on the Day of Resurrection, all in the scale of your good deeds, and Allah multiplies good deeds ten times for whoever he wishes.

Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him said, “For Allah to guide a person to Islam through you is better for you than the whole world and what it contains.”

– Narrated by Ibn al-Mubarak in his Musnad

Millions of people need translated Qurans in Europe, America and New Zealand. Join us in printing the Quran and make it an ongoing charity for you until the Day of Resurrection.

This campaign is managed by the Al-Quran International Foundation, a non-profit development organization whose revenues are used to create Waqf in order to support Quran memorization centers and the people of Quran.

16500 RM
2386 RM
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للأطلاع على الحملة باللغه العربية

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