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According to some statistics, the number of Muslims is about 7% of Cambodia’s total population of 15 million. In recent times there has been a great demand by Muslims to educate their children in the Islamic schools spread throughout the country. But there is a problem with the lack of funds to run the schools in a sustainable manner. One of the main problems facing students is the inadequate supply of food. The educational centers that the campaign aims to assist our three centers with 2,000 male and female students.

Details of Islamic Centers in Cambodia are as follows:

Center Number of students Notes
Islamic Center of Cambodia 550 Students from middle to secondary
Center of Abu Bakr Siddiq 153 Students from middle to secondary
Noor Al-Iman School 1044 Students from middle to secondary
Other centers 253 male and female students
Total 2000

In general, the economic condition of Cambodian society is very low, and Muslims live in difficult conditions.

Campaign Goals
• Support the growth of education in Cambodia’s Muslim community in the fight against illiteracy.
• Support the integration of the Muslim community with local communities.
• Feeding Cambodian Muslim students.

The Mission
• To save the Muslim Cambodian students from hunger so that they can continue to study continuously and continue improving their literacy for the future development of the Muslim community in Cambodia.

• After easing the pressure of the problem, we have a long-term objective to build lasting relations between the Malaysian people and Muslims in Cambodia.
• Provide access to quality education for all Cambodian Muslims
• Create a generation of Muslim youth capable of working professionally.

Students background

There are a total of 2000 male and female students aged 4 to 19 years, studying in two sections:
• The Islamic stream with all of its subjects
• The modern stream which includes the study of scientific and literary materials in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Islamic centers use an Islamic approach and ensure students study the Qur’an, Tafsir, Tawhid, Fiqh, Sirah and the Arabic language.
The cost of the food of each student per day is RM 10 Most parents of Cambodian Muslim students are poor.

We call upon the brothers and sisters in Malaysia and around the world not to forget their Muslim brothers in Cambodia.

Appeal to The People of Malaysia and Beyond

When poverty descends upon a people, the calamities of the world such as disease, hunger and ignorance follow. This is the case of many Cambodian Muslims. There are hundreds of families living below the poverty line cannot even feed their kids much less pay for their education and send them to schools. Islamic education is a luxury for most of them. They appeal to their fellow brothers in Islam from Malaysia and beyond tell them to assist them in facing the hard circumstances and difficult lives they live.

100000 RM
92467 RM
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للأطلاع على الحملة باللغه العربية

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