Iftar for Palestinian Refugees

Charitable Association for Palestinian Relief (CAPR)

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This campaign will provide basic iftar items during the holy month of Ramadan (1440 Hijri – 2019) for 5,000 poor and needy Palestinian refugees and displaced families from Syria that are residing in Lebanon.

The cost of one meal per family is ten US dollars ($10).
The total cost to feed the 5,000 refugees is fifty thousand US dollars ($50.000) throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

Participate in this campaign by sponsoring a family for $10 and be a partner in getting the reward of feeding 5,000 families throughout Ramadan.

Campaign Details:
Palestinian families living in the refugee camps suffer difficult and harsh living conditions due to the high unemployment rate, the limited occupations allowed for Palestinians in Lebanon and the high cost of living. In addition, with the Syrian refugee crisis and the high rate of displacement in the Palestinian camps, which reached 100% in some camps. The crisis has now worsened, leading to a decrease in employment opportunities, a decrease in income sources, and more poverty.

– With our experience in relief work, we have decided this year to provide the basic supplies for Iftar and distribute them to the families so that each family can cook the way they prefer.
– This project is not providing food baskets, but rather basic supplies specifically for Iftar.

210000 RM
12368 RM
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