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The Irtiqaa Center provides education and care for 420 students, teaching them the Holy Quran with its sciences and the Sunnah. The center caters to refugees that are both children and adults. Irtiqaa is an educational center that provides hope for immigrants and refugees in Turkey who suffer from difficulties in living and working in an environment that lacks educational services in Arabic medium.

The Irtiqaa Center offers various programs, advocacy and scholarships for students to alleviate the difficulties experienced by the Syrian refugees who were forced to leave their country.

The Center provides 200 students (both male and female) with care and education.
The students pay $15 per month for books, food and leisure trips.

Quranic Courses for Adults

Where the students study the memorization of Quran, Tilawah recitation and rulings of Tajweed. The ages of the students range from 18 to 45 and the total number of students is 70.

The course is divided into several levels
• The first level is literacy
• The second level aims to partially memorize and bless
• The third level aims to memorize Surat Al-Baqarah
• The fourth level aims to memorize the entire Holy Quran
• Level 5 is based on a reading of the relevant certificate

Shariah Courses for Adults

The course is divided into two levels:
• The first level: the student learns the fundamental principles of Islamic science and including: Quran, Tajweed, jurisprudence, biography and the Arabic language.

•The cost per student is $15
• Second level: (the forensic diploma) in which the student follows the study of the science of Shari’ah extensively from (Jurisprudence, doctrine, recitation, modern terminology, Quran sciences and history of legislation) Arabic language and the Prophet’s biography and the fundamentals of jurisprudence)

Irtiqaa Center Staff:
The programs are facilitated by a group of teachers who spend their time teaching and mentoring the students. Each teacher is granted with a compensation of $200 to help thier families and children
One of the Irtiqaa Center’s projects in Ramadan is the preparation of Iftar for all the students. The cost per meal is $3

Some students and staff will receive assistance with some Food baskets consisting of (sugar, bread, rice, flour, margarine and oats). The cost per basket is $23

We hope that you will stand with us to continue this work for the benefit of the students at Irtiqaa school and Muslim community in general.



Ramadhan Campaign Budget for Irtiqaa School
Cost of Iftar for one person USD 3

Target number of meals for Ramadan 600

3 x 600 = USD 1,800

Food Basket USD 23 x 100 = USD 2,300
Monthly School fees per student USD 15

15 x 420 = USD 6,300

Monthly Salary for teachers USD 200 x 25 = USD 5,000
Monthly rental of School Building USD 850
Expenses (Water, electricity & Gas) USD 350
Administrative fees USD 1,660
Total USD 18,260  (Approximately RM 75,700)

11000 RM
220 RM
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للأطلاع على الحملة باللغه العربية

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