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Mohammad, age 10 years old, was born in Syria but with a Palestinian nationality. His great-grandfather was a Palestinian who moved to Syria along with his family as refugees. The family stayed there until Mohammad was born in 2009. During the Syrian Civil War in 2011, the family lost everything and have to run away as refugees once again. However, the family were unable to escape and were held in the Yarmouk camp.
Mohammad’s father passed away while in the camp in 2016, while his mother is still in Syria, where she remarried. After her second marriage, she sent all her children to their uncle’s place, who could hardly manage himself. With the help of their grandparents, they were able to acquire all the required documents as well as saving some money with the help of their other relatives to get the visas from the Malaysian embassy in Lebanon. After much difficulty, Mohammad, together with his 2 sisters and a brother, managed to flee and were brought to Malaysia. Here, they are under the care of their 63-year old grandfather and a 60-year old grandmother.
Currently, Mohammad is studying in SRII International Integrated Tahfiz school in Taman Nirwana, Ampang with assistance from our school’s principal and founder, Teacher JoAnne Pare Abdullah. Hopefully, with your assistance and donation, we could provide a better life and education to Mohammad and his siblings.
The funds raised will provide Mohammed with a scholarship to cover all his school expenses for one year.

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10670 RM
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