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International Integrated Tahfiz school (IIT) is a centre where we strive to instill a sounder understanding of what good character really is. Located in Taman Nirwana, IIT is a learning institution different from most. We strive to help the children learn the importance of loving the Qur’an and Sunnah and acting upon them in their daily lives to please Allah azzawajal, with the help of committed teachers and cooperation from the parents.
We believe that it is our fitrah to want to be good and do good, and that our environment and upbringing influences us towards good or bad.

One of our ways to do this is by taking our male students to the Masjid for prayers especially on Fridays for the Jum’ah Prayer. The teachers coordinate amongst themselves to group the children and walk with them to the masjid. However this task becomes cumbersome on days where it rains, and being a tropical country, there are times where it happens more often than not.

Another reason for this van is to allow us to use it for curricular and extra curricular activities. Currently we hire third party shuttle services or rent lorries whenever we have school outings or functions outside of the school. With a van we can easily do it ourselves as well as add more activities to our curriculum where it was not possible before because of time restraints and costs.

A few details of the van, we are looking to buy a second-hand 12 seater van. A van of these specifics will cost the school roughly around the amount we are asking for including whatever repairs it may require. We have attached pictures of the model we are looking at currently for purchase.

InshaAllah you will find that your contribution will not go to waste as it will go a long way to help our Tahfiz students with their school activites and allow the school to function more smoothly.

JazakalLahu Khair
MikkailJohari (IIT DIRECTOR)

44000 RM
12870 RM
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