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The humanitarian crisis in Yemen has been worsening for the past 3 years. The death toll is already in the tens of thousands and the infrastructure has been damaged so badly the quality of life has become deadly in itself. According to UNICEF, more than 22 million Yemenis, 78 percent of the population, need humanitarian assistance every day. That figure includes a staggering 11 million children. In addition, there is a water crisis where 19 million Yemenis don’t have access to clean water and sanitation. This opens the door for deadly diseases like cholera to break out. Surviving in Yemen is largely dependent on help from abroad. According to the UN, 8.4 million Yemenis are on the brink of starvation. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1.8 million under the age of five children suffer from acute malnutrition, including 500,000 children who suffer from severe acute malnutrition. All these challenges make it very clear that those who are outside of Yemen have a very important opportunity as well as responsibility to join hands and take action to save Yemen.

What Is Family 2 Family Feast Project?

A coalition of NGOs including Ensany, Moaz, Nadi Al Usrah, Riayah and Mercy Mission Malaysia

have come together to organize a mass fundraising campaign for the war victims of Yemen. This program is intended to be one of the first major crowdfunding campaigns launched from Malaysia to support Yemen.  The program will bring together the expertise of Ensany as a crowdfunding platform and organizer for fundraising efforts along with three very competent and capable filed partners in Yemen who will receive the funds, purchase the needed food and aid supplies and then deliver the goods to those in Yemen who are truly in need of the food and aid. By having trusted partners in Yemen we can ensure that all goods purchased will be accounted for and the delivery of aid and food will be documented and later shared with donors.   


The Family 2 Family Feast is meant for families around the world to have a chance to sponsor the food for a family in Yemen for a month. The aim of this program is to raise awareness in Malaysia and the world at large about the saddening statistics of suffering that have been created by the current war in Yemen.  The project will feature a social media campaign that will use educational posters to inform people about how many people have been affected by the war and the various consequences such as lack of food and water, lack of jobs and health hazards. In order to utilize the potential that lies within the global community, we will engage strategic collaborative partners like Mercy Mission Malaysia to help spread the word about the campaign.


The target is to provide food for 200 families as well as 60 canes, 40 wheelchairs and 1 special event for children from the effects of the ongoing war.


With RM 200 we can feed a family for a month and with RM 40,000 we can feed 200 families for a month.


  • We plan to donate 60 canes (3 canes can be bought for RM 400 or USD 100).

  • We plan to donate 40 wheelchairs (2 wheelchairs can be bought with RM 400 or USD 100).

  • RM 4,000 can organize a program for 100 children. Provided will be a motivational talk, some games, a talent show, school bags, toys, food and special counseling by mental health experts.

We, therefore, target to collect a total of RM 20,000 for the abovementioned types of aid.


70000 RM
39320 RM
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