Clothing Sponsorship for the Rohingya Women

The Global Crescent Foundation

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Throughout the last few decades, Rohingya Muslims have been threatened by insurrection, human rights violations and persecution. The United Nations have acknowledged that the Rohingya Muslims are the most oppressed minority group in the world. The recent Rohingya influx in Bangladesh since 2017 has created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in the region. Currently, there are more than a million Rohingya refugees who are seeking shelter in several camps throughout the southern part of Bangladesh. The majority of the refugees consist of women and children.

Among more than half a million Rohingya women seeking refuge, almost none of them have the privilege to own a second set of clothing. Their situation is so dire that they don’t even own basic clothing to cover their bodies, provide them shelter from cold and rain, and protect their social identity. The Global Crescent Foundation has been providing them with quality and comfortable modest clothing since 2017. We need your help to provide assistance to this extremely vulnerable community. With only USD 15 (approx RM 60) you can join us to provide a set of clothing (one long cotton gown, one cotton inner skirt, and one large Urni/scarf) for your sister!

“The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: ‘If a believer feeds another believer in hunger, Allah will feed him from the fruits of Paradise on the Day of Resurrection. If a believer quenches the thirst of another believer, Allah will give him a pure drink (which is sealed to drink) on the Day of Resurrection. And if a believer clothes another believer when he is unclothed, then Allah will clothe him with green garments of Paradise.'” [Abu Dawud in al-Sunan, 2:130 Hadith #1682; al-Tirmidhi in al-Sunan, Ch.: (8), 4:633 Hadith #2449.]

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