Cancer and the suffering of a Yemeni Mother

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Make a contribution to provide food and housing for a Yemeni family with only 40 ringgit per day.

The only daughter of this Yemeni mother has been suffering from cancer for years, and the mother strives to cover the cost of housing, food, and treatment. The mother can barely cover a fraction of the cost of living and she urgently needs help.

A humanitarian team from Ensany visited the Yemeni mother living in the Kajang area with four children (three boys and one girl). The daughter has been suffering from cancer in her head for a few years. When the girl could not hear and found difficulty to speak and think, it prompted the mother to sell everything she had and rush her then 9-year-old daughter to India in search of a solution to the dreaded disease. Most doctors told her that the possibility of successful treatment was very low, and some of them told her there was no solution.

The mother took all these shocks and completed the journey in search of a solution from other doctors in India. The mother went through an intense search for the right doctor and at the same time witnessed the deterioration of her daughter’s health and spent a lot of money. The mother found a doctor that gave some optimism about the possibility of treatment, but at a very high cost which forced her to the predecessor to save her daughter, and confirmed that the doctor will be removed 95% of the tumor in her head and the rest may be eliminated by chemotherapy.

The first case was successfully completed and the condition of the girl improved somewhat, but there is still another process to remove the remaining tumor. There is a need for follow-up treatment and more tests. The mother decided to go to Malaysia due to the difficult conditions in Yemen.

The mother now lives with her children in a rented apartment in Kajang. Unfortunately, they do not have the basic necessities of life in the home. They sleep on the ground and most days rely on the help of neighbors, who are characterized by their lack of perseverance and extreme simplicity.

This patient and resilient mother works in a school and can barely cover a fraction of the cost of living and therefore needs the kindness of all those who are willing to help lighten her burden.


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