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Launched in 2017, Ensany aspire to be the largest leading social fundraising platform in the world, Ensany is changing the way the world gives. Ensany was founded to develop needy communities, regardless of their ethnic, religious. Ensany is active in many areas, including sustainable development, fighting poverty, providing support to orphans and care homes, supporting charities and providing relief to people affected by emergencies.
The identity of Ensany, its strategic plan and overall objectives, reflects the vision of the platform for its work, enabling it to take firm and confident steps to lead in its developmental and humanitarian work, to establish a decent life for the most needy groups in accordance with modern administrative rules and regulations.

The Transparency

The world’s charitable work is known for great and rapid developments. Ensany has to take rapid steps to catch up with this development by developing a strategic plan that meets our ambitions and capabilities. At the same time, it marks the point of the challenge, capacity development and globalization. The success of our pursuit of efficiency, effectiveness, achievement of objectives, value maximization, economic and efficient use of resources means reducing waste or loss of human, material and financial resources, reducing costs and expenses and maximizing benefit for those in need.

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