Your Qurbani for Al-Quds

Your Qurbani for Al-Quds

31 days

Campaign objective

Thousands of needy families in al-Quds are waiting for the blessed Eid al-Adha to get their share of the Qurbani... Help us provide sacrifice meat for them.

Eid al-Adha is a rare opportunity to eat meat for many of our al-Quds people, especially with the high rates of poverty, reaching 80% of the city’s population, due to the Occupation and Corona pandemic, according to Palestinian Central Statistics Bureau.


The story:

At a slow pace, burdened by worries and illnesses, the 75-year-old woman, Ahlam, goes every month from her village northwest of Jerusalem to obtain the monthly financial aid that is granted to her, after she and her husband were included with the poor families on the foundation’s lists.

Ahlam, like thousands of needy families, is waiting for the blessed Eid al-Adha season to get their share of the Qurbani (sacrifice). In her conversation with our team, she said, "I see meat, but I do not taste it because it is expensive, and we cannot buy it. Since Eid al-Adha last year, we did not buy meat, my husband and I depend mainly on Qurbani... because we spend what we get from monthly aid to buy medicines."

Watch Now: implementation of our projects during the month of Ramadan in al-Quds city 2022... 

Destination for the poor

To revive one of Allah’s rituals, the International IHYA Foundation decided to launch the annual Qurbani (sacrifice) project in order to expand to the poor and needy on Eid Al-Adha in al-Quds, and to facilitate this ritual for those who want to perform it, especially for those who find difficulties to perform it on their own.

We are implementing a sacrifice (Qurbani) project for foundations and associations wishing to provide meat to the people of Al-Quds

Waiting for the season

The largest segment that benefits from the sacrifice is the poor of Jerusalem, who are eagerly awaiting this season considering their inability to meet their needs for meat.

To ensure the distribution of sacrifices to a wider segment, the International IHYA Foundation cooperates with civil society institutions in the city and its suburbs and receives from them lists of poor families’ names to be included in the lists of beneficiaries of the project, which ends annually by distributing tons of sacrificial meat.

We are implementing a sacrifice (Qurbani) project for foundations and associations wishing to provide meat to the people of Al-Quds.


About us:

The International IHYA Foundation was established in 2017, and since that year has provided support to poor families through several projects, perhaps the most prominent of which is sponsoring orphans and poor families, restoration the homes of destitute families, in addition to distributing food parcels and Iftar meals during the month of Ramadan.

You can contribute to this project by donating any amount, starting from one dollar.

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