Sadaqah Qurbani Campaign - Palestine 2022

Sadaqah Qurbani Campaign - Palestine 2022

7 days

The situation in brief: 

More than 68% of households in the Gaza Strip, or about 1.3 million people, suffer from severe or moderate food insecurity. 

The situation for the Palestinians is even worse. Living the life of refugees under a blockade with high rate of poverty. These people deserve the happiness of Eid as well. They are our fellow brothers and sisters. Their children who don’t eat meat during the year deserve to look forward to finding some meat waiting for them as well.

Qurbani Donation Sadaqah:

Share your sacrifice with the poor and give them the chance to take part in the celebration of Eid-El-Adha. Your donation will be in the right and safe hands as we sacrifice healthy animals and distribute the meat to the neediest one.

Eid-El-Adha is the only time the poor can have some meat in Muslim Countries. However, many Muslim poor families cannot afford buying sheep to slaughter or even buy meat to eat during the day of Eid.


Worldwide Human Help and Uplift (WHHU)

WHHU non-profit NGO works on the ground to help the needy, poor and refugee Palestinian families in Palestine and Turkey. 

we are your connection to people who are really in need of the gift of meat. WHHU has been successfully distributing Halal Qurbani-Edhiyah meat for the last two years. Our organization reaches out to these families by giving them free portions of meat to feed their children, pregnant women, and elderly.

We need your generous support to help those struggling in Palestine with Qurbani-Edhiyah meat to overcome their nutritional deficiency and also enable their children celebrate the Eid with other children.




No donation is too big or small, we aim to make every penny count.

  • Anonymous Donated $4 - 2 weeks ago

    May Allah ease for all our muslim brothers and sisters who are in struggle.

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