Winter Quilt Campaign - for the displaced and poor of Yemen

Winter Quilt Campaign - for the displaced and poor of Yemen

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With the coming of the winter season, Yemeni people are facing a new and the deadliest crisis of suffering for the elderly and children, especially those who are displaced from their homes to displacement camps because of the war.  The suffering is really concentrated on those who suffer from chronic diseases and have been away by war conditions from medical care for their sick bodiesThere are thousands of tragic scenes that tell the stories of the suffering of the people in Yemen.

The raging battles in the city of Taiz, southwest of Yemen, forced the citizen Attia Mansour Saeed to escape with her children from the western countryside of the city and to start an arduous journey of displacement, which ended in the Jabal Zaid camp for the displaced in Al-Baireen area.

Today, Attia in her thirties lives in a dilapidated tent with five children, in miserable human conditions in an uninhabitable place. Attia says, in a choked voice with tears, "I have neither a mother nor a father, and my family has been displaced in displacement camps, and my children live as orphans after I lost my husband in the war. We have inherited the orphan in this that my children drink from the same glass that I drank when I lost my father". Attia and her children's suffering worsened with the coming of the winter season and the intensification of the cold, due to their lack of the means to help and protect them from frosts, such as clothes and blankets,  in dilapidated tents.

"I spend most winter nights here without sleep, and I hear the screams of my five sons tugging old and torn blankets that don't warm them," she says, adding that she and those with her in the camp live a very tiring and hard life".

It is one of the thousands of stories that are repeated in Taiz, Ma'rib, the western coast, Sana'a, and other areas of Yemen.

Where there are more than 4 million displaced people, most of them sleep in the open in dilapidated tents, and they are in need of warmth, food, and medicine. Albadyh Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Aid. Calling you to participate in the Winter Quilt Campaign for the year 2021-2022 

!Contribute with us to warm them and make them happy

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